Woman slaps the killer of her son before pardoning him moments before his execution. This was one of the most moving photo stories I have seen in a very long time. Actual story can be found here, whereas an English version of events can be found here.

Samereh Alinejad, mother of the victim who lost another son in a motorbike accident four years ago, asked the crowd whether they know “how difficult it is to live in an empty house.”

Done with this little mean thing called ITIL.

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Just got my photo “Communism got colours” ( http://bit.ly/1njYEKT ) published in DAWN ( http://bit.ly/1sV0INr ). Not entirely happy with what they did with my photo’s proportions but anyway. This would be the 4th major newspaper to publish my photographs.

Just as an update Communist Party Pakistan seems to have moved their office from this location. Because last time I checked they did not have their flag on the building.

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TinyGun - Walk Along The Lonely Street Of Dreams (2013)

Meet Adu :)

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Anonymous asked:

Hi Usman, I am writing from Dawn newspaper concerning one of your photos. we wish to carry it, but require written permission to do so. Is there an email or number I can contact you at?


If you also contacted me via the online form - I’ve responded to your email. Otherwise my email address is mylastname.firstname@gmail

ITIL certification program. Just realised that I’m sharing a classroom with Zeeshan after nearly 4 years! Interesting trip from #Glasgow to #Lahore :)

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Malang or the Wandering Sages are found across the region. Many of them flock to the Shrine of Saints to get their Spiritual-high (sometimes it is the actual). But they are not just that simple a character. They bring in their own diversity and complexities - of how they act, carry themselves and above all look. For example there is this one who adorning these very stylish stone necklaces around his neck is also seen using his smart phone. In fact he doesn’t stop there when he goes on to take pictures of any beautiful girl he sees pass by. Then there is this duo of Malang (I call them Alpha Papa) who would not accept any other Malang infringing their space when they are swirling. And then there are those who will make sure that they are in every picture being taken.

It is in my view a world of intrigue, style and complexity. If you ask me, they are the original Desi Hipsters. 

My previous post on the Madhu Lal Hussain’s Mela Charghan.

I’m sorry but I had to.

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Madhu Lal Hussain was an interesting Sufi Saint of Punjab. He was attending a traditional Islamic School (Madrassa) when apparently he developed the idea that God has created the man to enjoy the life on Earth and for nothing else. He left everything and it is commonly believed that he decided to not practice the orthodox religions anymore. Making it more controversial was his act of falling in love (or befriending - depending on which sort of texts you find more credible) a Hindu Brahmin boy. 

Hussain took the name of this boy Madhu Lal and added it to his name to show how much he was in love with him or again, cherished the friendship. They both are buried in close proximity in the tomb.

Controversy aside, the biggest feat of Madhu Lal Hussain was the beautiful and existential Punjabi poetry he wrote which is still read with great love by the people across the province. Every year on his death anniversary (called Mela Charaghan - Festival of Lights) people gather from all over the country to celebrate his life, and to be honest just have some good fun. They have made this giant oven in middle of the ground where people either light a lamp or throw in candles and other things while making prayers - a sight which makes it look more like a Zoroastrian Shrine than a Muslim Sufi. But it is nevertheless a very energetic place with lot of interesting faces. Will be uploading more in next few days. 

Shot sort of a #documentary on Islamic Calligraphy in #Lahore today. It was a pleasure listening to Mr Sajjad and his interesting views. Will be sharing an Urdu podcast with him soon.

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Abdullah Qureshi - Sufi Medley (2013)

Faces at Madhu Lal: There has never been and there will never be a son who can get any close to doing what his parents did for him. Selfless parental love towards the child shall remain the only example of ultimate sacrifice.

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