Hunger of the pine - ALT-J (2014 / video)

Director: NABIL

This land is mine: Football out of the way (well played Germany, I still feel for Messi), back to the Israel and Palestinian issue. Here is a brief animation to get you thinking. You might be able to question the proportionality but you can’t question the chronology of this “chosen land”.

If you couldn’t get some of the characters, here is a guide from the animator.

Just finished reading Moshin Hamid’s “how to get filthy rich in rising Asia” and all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

This should be in your hands for any 4 hour+ flight.

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Understanding the size of Gaza (feel free to share):

I have a general rule of not condemning Israel for everything, but this is important to share. Gaza is 25 miles long, less than 5 miles wide on average. Less than 150 square miles in total (Half the size of all NYC districts, or 7x the size of Manhattan, with half the population density as NYC, or 1.5X density as Los Angeles).

Density 4000+ / sq km (just behind Vatican City, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Macau, Monaco, all of which are considered industrialized, sovereign and suitable countries.

Or, a quicker example 

Detroit area: 140 sq mi
Pop density 2700/ sq km

Gaza strip area: 140 sq mi
Pop density 4000/ sq km

So imagine Detroit, in the middle of the desert, wall gated, much more unemployed, and 50% more crowded. Now if that’s STILL too hard for you

Queens area: 110 sq mi
Pop density: 8000 / sq km

Gaza area: 140 sq mi
Pop density: 4000 / sq mi.

Imagine Queens, half the density but X times starving, minus the transportation convenience. 

If you are interested to see more comparisons on map with other cities, click here. These stats are from a discussion here.

Imran Khan’s out-of-wedlock daughter is back in the news and is being used again to punish him. However this time I am inclined to wonder what kind of torment this 22 year old will be going through with a father who does not openly accept her due to the Pakistani social pressure and cheap tactics of his opponents where they scream her name everywhere? Reminds me of a recent Indian case where such a child brought up a court case and remarked, ‘there are no illegitimate children only illegitimate relationships’.

What Does a Camera Look Like if You Sand It Down Layer by Layer?


Today I felt the all powerful need to have the PhD when a Strategy I had worked on for last one year finally saw wide approval from all the stakeholders and it got attributed to one person in my team who had PhD. No disrespect to his input but it wasn’t more than 3-4 meetings and 10% of the whole effort.

Should complete that application now!

Upgrade: After getting to know that I’d be stuck in #Lahore for most of the Ramadan I’m going to try feel a bit better about something.

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Had a busy day so almost forgot to share my daily feelings. Hope you all had a fun holiday. And yes I will move to #USA for a while one day with an explicit intent to be able to buy as much guns as I can buy with my credit cards and then post annoying videos of exercising my #opencarry cuckoo-ness.


*I didn’t take this picture.

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Yes feel free to Iftari-fi me!

#Lahore at 6am. (Taxali Gate)


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Though will take one hour to get the highest elevation - this is one interesting concept from design company PriestmanGoode.


Anonymous asked:

You should take pictures of anarkali bazaar and Qila gujjar singh. I`m sure those would be quite some amazing pictures,

I think I’ve done some in Anarkali a while back, but sure will try to get around doing more soon :)

Kushti as the traditional wrestling is known in Pakistan is a cultural phenomena in old part of the cities and smaller towns. They wake up early in the morning, oil their bodies and wrestle in the Akhara (Earth pits). It does not include much weight lifting beside some dumbbells, just relying on making the boys plough the pit, pushups, jumping jacks and other indigenous exercises. With the summer sun rising the men will cover themselves with the dirt as it claim to cool them off and drink their favourite all-natural-energy drink Sardi made from the smashed almonds mixed in milk. 

Visited Dunga Akhara near Taxali Gate in Lahore at the backdrop of the historic Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque on 28th June 2014. Here are some pictures from the day and yes a few of the little Miss who came to visit them with her dog.

Traditional wrestlers and their energy drink in making. #log #video #Pakistan #Lahore #culture (at Walled City of Lahore)